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All the World's a Stage: Asian Canadian Theatre

Asian Canadian Theatre

Marjorie Chan is the recipient of a Dora Mavor Moore Award in performance as well as the prestigious K.M. Hunter Artists' Award. Her acclaimed dramas include China Doll, nominated for several Doras, including Outstanding New Play and Outstanding Production as well as the Governor General's Literary Award. Read more.

Asian Canadian Theatre


Storytelling: The Asian Canadian One Thousand and One Nights

Asian Canadian Storytelling

One Thousand and One Nights is a prime example of West, Central and South Asian as well as North African stories and folktales tracing back to ancient and medieval Persian, Arabic, Indian, Mesopotamian and Egyptian folklore and literature. Famous characters and stories from the original Arabic manuscript and its subsequent translations in European languages include Scheherazade's tales, Aladdin's Lamp, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. Read more.

Asian Heritage Storytelling


At Home In The World: Asian Canadian Music

Asian Canadian Music

Asian Canadian musicians aspire to self-expression, but they are also sensitive to their Asian Canadian cultural heritage. Their music is unique, capturing their quest for self-expression as well as their response to ethnic cultural traditions. Award-winning, Hong Kong-born Canadian composer Alice Ho is acclaimed for her "distinctly individual" style and "organic flow of imagination." She has written in many musical genres and received numerous national and international awards... Read more.

Asian Heritage Music


Holding The Mirror Up To Nature: Asian Canadian Film

Asian Canadian Film

Asian Canadian films capture the Asian diaspora visually and vividly. Ann Shin, whose parents came from Korea, explores themes of migration, alienation, cultural myths, race and beauty in her films and documentaries. The cosmopolitan IT guru Cheuk Kwan, born in Hong Kong and grew up in Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan, is famous for his Chinese Restaurants series which bring together his personal experiences, love of travel and appreciation of Chinese culture worldwide. Read more.

Asian Heritage Film | Asian Canadian Film Database


Dancing with the Stars: Asian Canadian Dance

Asian Canadian Dance

Asian Canadian Dancers are great dancers and choreographers. Dancing, to them, is not just movement, but also personal quests. Lata Pada, the founder and artistic director of Sampradaya Dance Creations, brings a contemporary worldview to her art. She is dedicated to showcasing bharatanatyam as a world art form as it explores diverse movement styles, contemporary themes and innovative collaborations. Read more.

Asian Heritage Dance

Faster, higher, Stronger: Asian Canadian Decorated Olympians

Asian Canadian Sports

It all happens in a moment, that not only takes years of training and endeavor, but also an adamant dedication fighting against all odds, physically, psychologically, as well as braving the challenges in daily lives. There are devoted parents taking their athletic prodigies to training and competitions, waiting patiently, sharing the ups and downs, and always giving words of encouragement.

Asian Canadian athletes can be found in Team Canada in both the Winter and Summer Olympics.

Read more.

Asian Heritage Sports