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Why Flowers in VMACCH's Banners?

You are probably curious why we have chosen to use beautiful flowers to represent the Asian Canadian culture. There are several important and symbolic reasons:

  • Flowers have been a significant part of cultures around the world. Flowers are symbols of affection shown towards each other, ranging from true love, to friendship, and to gratitude. This Virtual Museum represent the affection that Asians have for different cultures and for Canada;
  • Flowers attract pollen-rich bees as much as Canada attracts the different culturally-rich Asians as well as those from other parts of the world; and
  • The corolla of flower petals are like the different cultures that are joined at the stamen centre which is Canada. Together, the flower is beautiful, attractive and most prolific.

With the flowers, we also express our respect for past generations of Asian Canadians, our congratulations on the many successes of the present generation, and our sincere best wishes for the future of Canada.

The project was made possible with the support of the
Department of Canadian Heritage through the Canadian Culture Online Strategy
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